If you’re weighing your options in planning a horse arena on your property, take the reins and choose steel building erection. Whether you’re planning an enclosed horse arena or simply a covered one, steel building erection affords you multiple advantages that you won’t see with traditional construction. Steel buildings cater to all the design and performance factors that will allow you to construct an arena best for you and your animals for a reasonable price.

Advantages of Steel Building Horse Arenas

You have a variety of choices available to you when it comes to the type of construction you employ for your horse arena. Steel buildings offer several advantages over traditional construction: affordability, quick construction, strength, versatility, and clear span framing.


First, the affordability of steel building horse arenas cannot be matched. For a fraction of the cost of traditional construction, steel buildings can meet all your needs and requirements. Costs can be reduced even further, should you choose a covered horse arena versus an enclosed riding space.

Fast Erection

Second, prefabricated steel horse arenas can be erected in a shorter time. When you work with an experienced team such as Steel Erection Maintenance Inc., you can expect a quick erection turnaround time from planning to finished building. Do note, however, that construction time can vary depending on several factors such as walls and customizations. Although the erection phase is fairly quick, the design, engineering, and permit processes can take many months.

Strength and Durability

Third, steel buildings enjoy a reputation for strength and durability. They are resistant to pests, fire, mold, and rust. When compared to traditional construction materials, such as wood, steel provides many years of worry-free maintenance, allowing you to concentrate on your horses, not building upkeep.


Next, steel buildings lend themselves to versatility. Working with our experienced professionals at Steel Erection and Maintenance, Inc., you can customize the floor layouts to meet your specific needs. And if you need to expand down the road, adding on to a steel building is markedly easier than traditional construction.

Clear Span Framing

Finally, the clear span framing available with steel building constructions frees the square footage of interior columns allowing you to make the most of your arena space. The open floor plan accommodates a multitude of uses—everything from riding events to instructions and even livestock stalls should they be required.


Will steel building construction allow me to customize my horse area plans?

Yes. While there are prefabricated kits available, one of the distinct advantages of steel building construction is its versatility. Even prefabricated kits allow for additions later. At Steel Erection and Maintenance, Inc., our courteous and efficient staff can walk through the planning process to ensure you have a facility that meets your needs now and can grow with you later.

Are steel building horse arenas cheaper than traditional construction?

Yes. Traditionally, steel is more economical than wood. Additionally, steel is easier to assemble and erect than wood and more traditional construction materials, saving you labor costs in the reception process as well. You’ll also see potential savings in insurance costs as steel is more resistant to destructive factors like weather, fire, and pests. With its inherent durability, steel buildings are also easier to maintain, saving you upkeep costs.  


So, if you are ready to take the reins in your horse arena planning, give Steel Erection and Maintenance, Inc. a call today. You can reach us at (928)-757-2211 in Kingman, (928)-632-8335 in the Prescott area, and (602)-541-0472 in Phoenix, Arizona, or contact us online. We have over forty years of experience to ensure your horse arena meets and exceeds all your needs and expectations.