Have you ever wondered if steel buildings are an expedient and cost-efficient construction option for your home or business? Many home and business owners, like you, may be considering steel buildings. With the many factors that determine a project’s cost, such as building type, square footage, building height, and more, you may need some guidance to decide if it will fit into your project’s budget. Based in Arizona and serving Central and Northern Arizona, including the Kingman, Prescott, and Phoenix areas, Steel Erection and Maintenance, Inc. has all the experience and knowledge you need to make the best choice for your home or business.

How Much Does Erecting a Steel Building Cost?

The biggest question on the minds of many customers is “How much does erecting a steel building cost?”. This is a great question with a great answer that benefits our clients. The cost of a steel building varies depending on each project’s specifications. You can expect an average cost according to the current cost of steel per square foot of your building. For example, the average national cost to erect a 24×24 building can have a total project cost of $20,000-$40,000. A 100×200 building could cost anywhere between $440,00-$980,000.

Fortunately, the helpful and knowledgeable experts at Steel Erection and Maintenance, Inc. are readily available to provide a detailed quote so you know exactly what to expect with one of our high-quality projects. Let’s look at some of the factors we take into consideration when we work with you to design and erect the perfect project for your needs.

Some Factors Affecting Steel Building Costs

When you begin to estimate the cost of erecting a metal building, you will discover a variety of factors that can affect the total sum of your project. This can range from the building type to the foundation type. Other factors, like location and local labor rates, can also widely affect your final costs. Having an experienced team member like Steel Erection and Maintenance, Inc. can help you navigate all the details.

Types of Steel Buildings

 We build many types of steel buildings, commercial and residential, see our projects in our website: https://steelerectionaz.com/custom-steel-build-projects/. We also “Erect Only” many varieties of steel buildings: https://steelerectionaz.com/steel-erection-projects/. As your metal building contractor, we personalize your project and provide you with a trained, pre-engineered building specialist. 

Steel Building Construction Type

 You have a variety of construction options available to you when it comes to steel buildings. Each type impacts your project’s final cost in different ways and comes with its own set of pros and cons. While prefabricated building kits offer the cheapest option, you are also locked into the kit’s design, which may not suit your specific needs.

If you are seeking a more customizable option, and prefabricated buildings allow you more freedom in your project design. The most expensive option but one which offers the most customization, is to choose onsite construction. This type of steel building construction increases labor costs but greatly reduces the cost of the steel. It works best for large projects.

Square Footage and Height

 Looking at the price per square foot is not always the best way to determine the best bang for your buck. While larger buildings may have a bigger final price tag, you may discover that a larger building can cost less per square foot than a smaller one. The reason for this seeming paradox is due to the rate of construction—larger buildings can take a fraction of the time to frame compared to smaller ones.  This factor keeps your labor costs lower.

How tall your building is can also affect your bottom line. Of course, the shorter your building is and the flatter its roof, the less expensive your project will be. This is one of the reasons barndos can be so expensive. Many barndo designs incorporate gabled roofing which can double the amount of roofing material needed. Additional floors and height can also require sturdier, more expensive support, such as C-beams and reinforced foundations.

There are still a variety of other factors to consider when trying to determine the final cost of your steel building project. Take the guesswork out of determining if erecting a steel building is the best option for you. Team up with Steel Erection and Maintenance, Inc., and let us help you build your success from the ground up.  Let our 60 years of experience help you choose the best metal building option for your specific needs.