Thinking about your dream home? Recent trends have seen a rise in the construction of residential metal buildings like barndominiums. It’s not hard to see why. Steel buildings can be the perfect choice for homeowners who favor a more rustic aesthetic. But the benefits go far beyond visual appeal. Metal building homes typically offer lower construction costs, lower insurance costs, and better durability than traditional construction homes. And when you work with an experienced, qualified company like Steel Erection and Maintenance, you can make your barndominium or other metal building project a dream come true!

What Is a Barndominium?

Barndominiums, or barndos are a recent popular trend for residential housing. The word is an amalgamation of “barn” and “condominium” as these structures were originally barns converted into functional living space. Today, you often see ground-up construction of barndominiums. Frequently manufactured with steel, these large buildings are favored by homeowners looking for open floor plans or easily customizable options. 

Advantages of  Barndominiums

Homeowners that decide on a metal barndominium as their new home often reap a number of advantages. You can frequently save on annual maintenance costs, reduced insurance rates, and enjoy the ability to customize your plans. 

Your Space, Your Way

If cookie-cutter home plans with tiny bedrooms and congested floor plans don’t appeal to you, metal buildings like barndos can allow you to have your cookie and eat it, too. A key characteristic of barndos is their wide-open space and ability to accommodate a variety of designs. Their flexibility, particularly with ground-up construction, lets you truly make a space your own. Working with a professional team you can design your floor plan to suit your specific needs. 

Lower Insurance Costs

Metal buildings have a distinct advantage over traditional construction. Metal buildings are resistant to factors like rot, harsh sun, and moisture that can wind up costing homeowners a pretty penny. Metal buildings are also more fire resistant than traditional homes. Their durability often results in lower insurance costs than you might see with a traditional home. 

Low Maintenance

Homes built with traditional construction  materials like wood and paint typically require regular maintenance. Barndominiums with metal exteriors hold up better and tend to last longer than typical homes. 

Lower Construction Costs

A nice advantage to choosing a metal building home like a barndominium is that it is possible to see lower construction costs in comparison to a traditional house. Working with your contractor, you can make specific design plans to stay within your budget.

Quick Construction Turnaround

For homeowners looking to build their dream home quickly, barndominiums offer a quicker construction turnaround time than a traditionally built home. While traditional construction can last upwards of six months, barndos often go up faster. You can cut down on the project turnaround even more if your project is using a barndominium kit. 

If you’re ready to make your barndominium dream home a reality, working with experienced professionals is a plus. Steel Erection and Maintenance, Inc. has been in the steel erection business for over forty-six years. Our courteous and efficient staff have the experience to help you get your barndominium project done—from the ground up! Contact us today for recommendations on the best way to make sure your metal building home is everything you’ve dreamed of!